In addition to the chapters below please reach out to us if you need further assistance.

Connectivity Issues

For rectifying general connectivity issues, please ensure that the Bottlenose is powered on by the recommended 12V AC-DC power supply. Please ensure that Bottlenose and your client machine are properly plugged into the same Ethernet network and that that network has full Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. This is indicated by both Ethernet LEDs being illuminated on the camera.

Please see our guide on best practices for configuring computer and network interfaces.

LED Color Glossary

No connection /
firmware update complete
Ethernet 10 MBit (*)Slow BlinkActivity
Ethernet 100 MBit (*)ContinuousActivity
Ethernet 1000 MBit / GigabitOffActivity

(*) Not a recommended Ethernet speed grade for Bottlenose, please check your Ethernet connection and your network support for Gigabit Ethernet.

Bottlenose is not Visible in the eBus Player or Stereo Viewer

Please use eBus Player which is part of the software development kit to confirm that the camera is running and enumerated on your network.

Your machine and Bottlenose should be on the same IP subnet. Make sure you have a DHCP service, typically hosted by most routers, running on that subnet that can serve an IP address to Bottlenose. If you have access to that router you can inspect the DHCP lease list to confirm that an address has been served to Bottlenose.

Ensure that your system's firewall is disabled.

Dropped Frames

Should you encounter dropped frames or retransmit errors when streaming images from Bottlenose, please ensure that your machine and your network support Jumbo Frames with an MTU of at least 9000 bytes.

Bottlenose Becomes Unresponsive after Large Stream of Dropped Frames

A storm of GigE Vision resend requests can overwhelm the network stack. Please see Dropped Frames above to remedy the issue. To recover Bottlenose from such an unresponsive state, you have to power cycle the unit.

# Bottlenose Stereo Resets Itself when Acquisition Stops Make sure you are using a recommended [AC-DC adapter](doc:getting-started) or an equivalent solution that can provide enough current to supply Bottlenose. If the issue persists, please update the [firmware to the newest release](doc:firmware-update). By default Bottlenose stereo ships with a factory calibration firmware that does not implement the full feature set. # GigE Vision Interoperability Issues Bottlenose supports the [GigE Vision 2.1 standard](, and interoperability has been tested with [Matrox Imaging]( and [Halcon]( Bottlenose should operate with most 3rd party tools that support the GigE Vision 2.1 standard.