Programming Interfaces


Bottlenose cameras are GigE Vision 2.1 compliant. To interact with the camera from a GigE-enabled framework or from a programming language, you may need to install the eBUS SDK from Pleora®. Follow these steps to download and install the SDK.

  1. Download the SDK from our GitHub Release Page. For Windows®, get the eBUS_SDK_Windows-64-bit.exe file.
  2. Double-click on the file to install the SDK.
  3. From the available SDK options make sure Install GigE Vision Driver is checked.

Programming Languages

Bottlenose cameras can be interfaced from languages such as C/C++ and Python. Refer to our GitHub repository for demos and code samples. Also, follow the readme page for instructions of how to set up your environment for your specific operating system.

eBUS Player™

Any vision framework or tool that support the GigE Vision 2.1 protocol can be used to interact with a Bottlenose camera. For a short list of such frameworks, check our Interfaces page. If you don't have one such tool on your system yet, Pleora eBUS Player™ can be a good start. The latest version can be downloaded from the eBUS Player webpage.