Hardware Specifications

Mechanical Dimensions and Mounting Holes

Monocular and stereo Bottlenose units are equipped with pre-threaded 1/4-20 and M3 mounting holes.

Both cameras weigh roughly 500g.

Please see below for detailed drawings.




Depending on your serial number, your camera may be machined aluminum color or black anodized.


Bottlenose follows a CS-mount lens format. This means it is compatible with CS lenses, as well as C, or S mount lenses with the use of an adapter.


CS and C mount lenses are recommended for industrial machine vision applications. S-mount lenses are recommended for mobile robotics and wherever fisheye FOV maybe needed.

We recommend Sunex DSL618 for fisheye, together with a S-mount converter. Or, Theia SL410 and SL1250 CS-mount lenses.

For close inspections, we recommend the Kowa LM12JC lens.

Labforge can make these lenses available if needed or you may purchase directly.

CS to S converter can be purchased from many places, including from Mouser: Basler CS to S converter.

Sunex DSL618: Link.


Note that s-mount lenses don't have a threadstop and will hit the image sensor if screwed all the way down. This will damage the sensor. Please stream live images while screwing in s-mount lenses and stop when focus is achieved.

Optical Filters

Please contact us if you require a filter in your application. Current Bottlenose units are shipped without any NIR filtering.

CS and C mount lenses usually have a front thread for filters. We have had great success with filters from Midwest optical Systems.

Environmental and Operational Conditions

Camera testing is currently in progress. Generally, try to keep the surface of the camera below 60 degrees celcius. Since the cameras can run some very compute intensive algorithms, the heat dissipation is very dependant on your use case and environmental conditions. If your use case and environment together push the camera beyond 60 degrees celcius, consider adding a heat sink on the main surface. For monocular, the heatsink is best on the back. For stereo, the heatsink should go in front, between the lenses.

Power Supply

The camera is powered via a standard 12V adapter. We have designed in the most commonly used 2.1/5.5mm barrel for ease of use. Any 12V adapter that is safe and certified for your use case can be used. We use this one that Mouser normally has in stock: XP Power Adapter


Bottlenose is equipped with a 1Gbps link. This link can be used via the GigE Vision 2.1 protocol. 20mm pitch pre-threaded holes are provided for securing the ethernet cable in rugged applications.

GPIO and Sync

The GPIO / Sync port offers additional functionality. Please contact us if you would like to learn more. More information will be added here.

Coordinate Frames

Please contact us if you would like to learn more. More information will be added here.