General Warnings

Using Bottlenose in noncompliance with the below warnings is inappropriate, may cause personal injury, may cause damage to Bottlenose and/or connected systems, and will void the warranty.

Intended Use

Please always comply with local and national laws on machine and automation safety.

Labforge Bottlenose cameras are intended for use in industrial automation and mobile/stationary robotics applications.

Labforge will not be liable for any damages resulting from improper or unintended use.

Hot Surfaces

Under some operating conditions the surface temperature of Bottlenose could exceed 60°C with prolonged or intensive use. Caution should be exercised when handling the device.

Heatsinks can be utilized to extend the ambient operating temperature and to help mitigate the risk of the device becoming too hot.


Labforge Bottlenose must only be connected to secured internal networks. Failure to comply could result in data being monitored or manipulated by a third party.

Connecting Bottlenose to a secured internal network is solely the responsibility of the operator.