Enhance Manufacturing Quality with AI

Bottlenose Inspect™ is a PC application that works with the Bottlenose cameras from Labforge. It is licensed separately. It offers the following:

Precision Inspection

Leverage our advanced machine vision technology to perform accurate and high-speed inspection of parts during the manufacturing process.

Defect Detection

Identify and flag defects, anomalies, or deviations from specified standards, ensuring product quality and minimizing waste.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor the inspection algorithms and parameters to suit your specific manufacturing requirements and optimize defect detection rates.

Real-time Analysis

Obtain instant feedback on product quality, enabling timely adjustments and reducing the risk of costly errors or rework.

Seamless Integration

Bottlenose Inspect integrates seamlessly with our Bottlenose cameras, providing a complete end-to-end inspection solution.


Inspect supports two main types of AI for machine vision applications.

1st Generation AI

This capability uses models like ResNet or Yolo to classify and detect objects. We provide the tools required to label the models, train them, and deploy them onto the hardware accelerators on-camera.

2nd Generation AI

This capability uses models with text based interaction, like OpenAI's CLIP. We have ported the CLIP model to on-camera hardware accelerators. This allows Bottlenose to classify a variety of objects without object specific labelling or deep learning.


Both generations of AI are supported on-camera and on attached PC.


  1. Presence or Absence
  2. Orientation
  3. Position
  4. Color
  5. Recognition and Content Analysis
  6. Geometric Control


Please contact us via information on the Contact and Bottlenose Community for pricing and licensing information.