GPIO and Diagnostics Interface

Bottlenose supports GPIO and a UART diagnostics port. Both interfaces operate on 3.3V CMOS signal levels. This chapter outlines how to create such an interface cable.

Suggested Parts:

  • Molex PicoBlade 5-pin pigtail (PN: 0151340500)
  • FTDI TTL-234X-3V3-WE

Pinout (left-to-right as shown above):

  1. TxD output from Bottlenose
  2. GPO output from Bottlenose
  3. RxD input to Bottlenose
  4. GPI input to Bottlenose
  5. GND signal ground

To emulate the GPO and GPI functions please wire CTS and RTS to GPI and GPO respectively. Sample connections are shown below.

The default configuration for the UART (TxD, RxD) is 115200 Baud at 8N1 encoding.