This chapter covers the basic operation of Bottlenose. Before proceeding please ensure the camera is properly connected, has a recommended lens, and the firmware is updated to the latest release as described in Getting Started.

Device Control

All of Bottlenoses' features can be controlled via the GigE Vision 2.1 interface. A useful frontend to access these features is eBus Player which is installed with the SDK. Start eBus Player and connect to the camera as described here.

Starting Image Acquisition

From eBus Player press...

  • the Start button to start the acquisition of frames from the camera.
  • the Stop button to stop acquiring frames.

Bottlenose stereo supports acquisition from the left or the right sensor. To change the active sensor, select

  • Device Control -> Visibility -> Expert
  • Device Control -> sensor -> {LeftSensor, RightSensor}

Adjusting Acquisition Frame Rate

The acquisition needs to be stopped to adjust the frame rate. From eBus Player select...

  • Device Control -> Image -> interval
    The parameter interval adjusts the inter-frame time in milliseconds. Note that the minimum arrival time is limited by resolution and practical Ethernet bandwidth considerations.

Adjusting the Basic Features

Exposure and gain can be adjusted while the camera is acquiring frames. From eBus Player select...

  • Device Control -> Image -> exposure
    The parameter exposure adjusts the exposure time of the sensor in milliseconds. Note that the maximum exposure is limited to the inter-frame time.
  • Device Control -> Image -> gain
    The parameter gain can be adjusted between unity and 22.26.
  • Device Control -> Image -> dgain{Blue,GB,GR,Red}
    The subcomponents of digital gain can be set on a per-colour filter pixel level.
    • dgainBlue Adjusts the gain for blue pixels.
    • dgainGB Adjusts the gain for green-blue pixels.
    • dgainGR Adjusts the gain for green-red pixels.
    • dgainRed Adjusts the gain for red pixels.
  • Device Control -> Image -> wb{Blue,Green,Red}
    • wbBlue Adjusts the white balance weighting for the blue component of the image.
    • wbGreen Adjusts the white balance weighting for the green component of the image.
    • wbRed Adjusts the white balance weighting for the red component of the image.
  • Device Control -> Image -> blackGain{Blue,GB,GR,Red}
    • blackGainBlue Adjusts the black level gain for blue pixels.
    • blackGainGB Adjusts the black level gain for green-blue pixels.
    • blackGainGR Adjusts the black level gain for green-red pixels.
    • blackGainRed Adjusts the black level gain for red pixels.

Adjusting Frame Resolution

Bottlenose supports discrete image resolutions. They can be configured when the camera is not acquiring images. To select the desired discrete resolution from the table shown below, adjust theHeight in Device Control in eBus Player.