Software Modules

Each Bottlenose camera comes loaded with various software packages depending on the model, stereo or monocular.

  1. Stereo Vision: Allows Bottlenose to output a disparity map to enable 3D vision.
  2. Stereo Matching: This module is able to detect and match keypoints between left and right images in a stereo setting. This matched points can be used to build a sparse point cloud.
  3. AI Engine: Bottlenose is able to run various AI models out of the box.
  4. Feature Points and Descriptors: Output image features and descriptors.

Lens Recommendation

The following are some of the lenses that have been tested by Labforge so far:

  1. Kowa: KOW-LM12JC, 2/3" 12mm MP C-Mount Lens. Great image quality for close inspection.
  2. Theia: SL410 and SL1250M. Good for long range applications.
  3. Raspberry Pi: PT361060M3MP12, 6mm 3MP Wide Angle Lens. Good for cost sensitive applications, but image quality suffers.
  4. M12 Lenses: PT-0420, 4.0mm, F2.0 Board Lens. Good for space constraint applications.